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3 Reading Glasses Care Tips You Should Keep In Mind

Constantly having to replace your glasses? Flimsy, relatively small, and prone to damage, it’s a whole lot easier to break a pair of reading glasses than it is to keep them safe and intact. In fact, prescription eyewear replacements constitute a large chunk of the money people spend each year on glasses compared to the small fraction spent on new prescriptions. Now, if you’re tired of buying a new pair of glasses every time, this list is for you. Find out three easy, inexpensive, and doable methods for caring for your reading glasses and keep them damage-free and pristine for many years to come.

1. Buy a Good Pair of Frames – While this first one might not seem like a care tip, it will help you choose a pair of glasses that will successful stand up against the onslaught of wear, tear, and time. What you may have already found out by now is that cheap, inexpensive frames are super prone to damage and breakage. So make sure to consider the cost that you’ll incur in the long run if you insist on buying budget lenses each and every time you need a replacement. Spend a little more next time and treat them like an investment so they last a little longer.

2. Use the Hard Case – The carrying case for your glasses was given to you not as a simple freebie but as a reliable companion you can use to keep your reading glasses damage free. So make sure you get the best use out of it by making sure it’s always in tote. Make a habit of keeping your glasses in the hard case when you’re not using them to keep them safe from any sort of damage. This way, you can be sure that your specs are in a place that won’t risk scratches or breakage.

3. Practice Utmost Care – One of the main things you need to remember is that your glasses are flimsy and fragile. So, just as with anything else that’s prone to damage and wear, make sure you practice caution and care whenever you’re dealing with your reading glasses. Try not to bend the temples too much, be wary of the nose pads, and make sure you only use approved lens cloths and not just anything that could cause abrasion. These simple practices might not seem like a lot now, but they will prevent a lot of damage later on.

Your glasses should be treated like an investment. Remember these simple tips and you can guarantee a long, damage-free life for your favorite specs. And if you do find a need to replace them, make sure you invest and splurge on your next pair for a longer lasting experience.

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